Protecting Heavy Machinery & Equipment

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The manufacturing and fabrication industry has a unique set of challenges.  Not only do these industries require a certain type of facility with a fair amount of space; they also require heavy duty machinery.

Heavy machinery can often be a very expensive investment.  While necessary for production and day-to-day operations of business, this machinery can also be costly to maintain.  Many production facilities across the country are turning to two proven methods of protection to keep their equipment protected.

Machine enclosures are structures that surround heavy machinery and equipment.  By creating a specialized enclosure specifically for this equipment, you can create optimal conditions.  This means climate within the enclosure can be controlled, as well as keep out dust and debris. 

The other benefit of the enclosure is that it serves to protect the equipment inside.  Workplace accidents with forklifts and other vehicles do happen, and machine enclosures help protect your investment. 

One of the unique benefits found with machine enclosures is the way in which they are made.  Using non-conventional means of construction, machine enclosures are built by modular construction.  What makes modular construction unique is that all the components are fabricated at a factory and then shipped to the site where they will be installed.

Modular construction uses a panelized wall system that can be built around existing machinery.  Since the fabrication takes place off-site, there is no dust and debris generated on-site during the installation process, thus not compromising any of the equipment in the facility.

Additionally, many businesses are choosing to take protection to an even higher level through the use of guard rails.  This is the same type of guard rail often found along side roads and highways.  Guard rails add an extra layer of protection from forklifts and other vehicle accidents.

In conclusion protecting specialized equipment and heavy machinery doesn’t have to be complicated or costly.  Modular construction offers an affordable solution that is completed quickly without disturbing business. Furthermore, machine enclosures can add extra protection through the use of guard rails.


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Protecting Heavy Machinery & Equipment

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This article was published on 2013/12/06