Reagent Rental Programs - An Ideal Alternative for Labs with Budget Constraints

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Advanced laboratory equipment allows laboratories to provide accurate, consistent and timely results for the various types of tests they conduct.However, the high costs on new technology are often a prohibiting factor, often causing labs to put advanced tests on hold.Reagent rental programs are an ideal alternative for labs with budget constraints.These Cost per Test (“CPT”) agreements help labs to utilize advanced medical equipment without having to pay for it upfront.They are based on guaranteed reagent usage for the period of agreement.

Typical Features of a Reagent Rental Plan

A reliable reagent rental plan is a client-friendly Cost per Test (CPT) plan which is an arrangement between a medical laboratory and a laboratory equipment dealer for a specific period of time.The laboratory enrolled in this plan can is supplied with the desired lab equipment on the basis of an agreement that a minimum amount of reagents will be used over the stated period, for instance, the monthly commitment could be 1000 tests/month.The capital costs and the costs of the rental are included in the cost of the reagents and payment is spread out over convenient monthly installments.So the CPT plan allows labs to overcome their financial limitations while carrying out their testing efficiently.

Reagent Rental Packages Promotes Lab Efficiency

Technology is constantly being updated and upgraded to improve the quality of lab testing.It is often difficult for labs to replace old equipment with new, updated equipment.Medical lab equipment rental plans resolve this issue.Clinical laboratories can acquire updated equipment without incurring huge capital investments.They have the option to renew the agreement at the end of the stipulated period.Labs with budget constraints stand to enjoy the following benefits with a reagent rental agreement:

  • Enhances ability to provide advanced tests
  • No burden of one-time expense
  • Helps avoid the need for bank loan
  • Flexible monthly payments
  • Improves testing efficiency and balance sheet
  • Improved turnaround time
  • Reduced cost per test
  • Helps enhanced patient care

As this rental plan is based on the exclusive purchase of reagents from the lab equipment supplier, labs need to be aware that they cannot purchase the reagents from another source.If they do, this will result in the termination of the agreement and return of the equipment.

It is important that budget conscious labs enroll in the reagent rental program offered by a reliable supplier.Reputable dealers offer plans that cover advanced lab equipment such as chemistry and immunoassay analyzers from leading brands.The plans they offer would cover service and maintenance as well as onsite training.

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An established New York based lab equipment supplier,Block Scientific offers reagent rental plan that is an alternative to equipment purchase.Block Scientific provides reagent rental agreement plans mainly on immunoassay and chemistry analyzers.


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Reagent Rental Programs - An Ideal Alternative for Labs with Budget Constraints

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Reagent Rental Programs - An Ideal Alternative for Labs with Budget Constraints

This article was published on 2013/07/04