Roll & Drum Handling Equipment: Ideal solution to move heavy materials

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Roll & Drum Handling Equipments are a perfect way out for big business firms which involve moving large heavy rolls, heavy cable drums and other circular objects speedily and smoothly in highly-developed situations.

There are numerous discrepancies of Roll & Drum Handling Equipments accessible. However, as no two client's specifications and requirements are similar, it is much more prosperous to custom-make the equipment particularly for you.

Following are some of the amazing characteristics and advantages of these equipments:-

•  Easily handle cable drums, heavy rolls, other coils of heavy materials and etc.
•  Cost-efficient & low upholding - all you require is a bit shop air.
•  Omni-directional - groovy for tight spaces.
•  Adaptable width to befit most sized rolls and drums.
•  Consistency of air powered systems.
•  Quiet and gentle to operate - no user tire out.
•  Minimal floor lift assures diminutive risk of consignment damage.
•  Use of air film protects floor surfaces.
•  Model RH8 = 8,000 pound lift capacity
•  Model RH12 = 12,000 pound lift capacity

Roll & Drum Handling Equipments can be used to handle one of the most frustrating tasks in an easy way. Many times you must have slanted a drum to move it from one area to another and have the bottom slip causing you to miss a hold and fall on your toes or pop open and spill out. At the beginning it is the torturing pain yelling from your feet then leading to further injury you get by cleaning the awful mess yourself. Without these handling equipments you can witness and become victim of some real, unique and strikingly different kind of pain while handling big drum manually.

With today's requirements for supplies, time is money. Those industries which handle a material quantity of drummed substance will only be productive if they can carry the heavy material in a quick and easy way. Transporting heavy drums from one place to another is not an easy chore for workers to execute devoid of having the appropriate Roll & Drum Handling Equipments to help them. These equipments are not only alleviates transportation time problems but it is also a more dependable method of movement. With these equipments, the drums are protected on the equipment, which reduces accidental falls and defends your worker's backbones from constantly painstaking lifting or movements.

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Roll & Drum Handling Equipment: Ideal solution to move heavy materials

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Roll & Drum Handling Equipment: Ideal solution to move heavy materials

This article was published on 2011/10/04