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A data shows that in the Jiangsu Province, to the core, XCMG Xuzhou Construction Machinery industries, the province's total economic output accounted for 80% of the same industry; in China, the industry known as "North-South Xuzhou, Changsha," saying, but Changsha including the Alliance, 31, Sunward Intelligent 3 of the total sales, less than Xugong 1. From the China Construction Machinery Industry Association's latest statistics show that, as of the end of 2007, construction machinery throughout the country have more than 2,000 enterprises and research institutes, Xuzhou occupy the "half"; last year China's construction machinery industry sales income is above 2,100 yuan, Xuzhou share accounted for 25%. Xuzhou Construction Machinery of existing enterprises in technology, scale, brand, and the supporting capacity of four major aspects of the industry are in first position.

 Vice Governor Xu Ming Xuzhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary interview with reporters, witty manner of "Curse of the Golden Flower" to describe the Xuzhou's equipment manufacturing industry. He said, Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, the provincial government to speed up the revitalization of old industrial bases in Xuzhou's decision, so that more confidence in Xuzhou, Xuzhou plans to use 3 to 4 years of engineering machinery and special vehicles to create thousands of billion industry, to Xuzhou into a dynamic and competitive of the China Construction Machinery City. Xu Ming said that in 2007, Xuzhou equipment manufacturing enterprises above designated size 505 to achieve output value of 55.0 billion; equipment manufacturing industry, industrial output value has exceeded the size of a quarter of the city. Xuzhou goal is that by 2011, to XCMG Xuzhou as the leading equipment manufacturing gross output value of 1,500 billion yuan, of which 110 billion yuan of construction machinery, special-purpose vehicles, 20 billion yuan, mining machinery and other equipment manufacturing 20 billion yuan.

 Facing the core technology, equipment manufacturing monopoly and anti-monopoly

 The face of foreign technology, equipment manufacturing industry to the core "monopoly-style" protection, Xuzhou equipment manufacturing in recent years experienced an unprecedented test.

 In Xuzhou interviews, heard a few things meaningful. Not long ago, Xuzhou as in previous years, selected 40 people ready to participate in a country organized by the International Equipment Exhibition, did not expect that these personnel with technical backgrounds, without exception, have been refused; Xu workers to meet the needs of a number of high-end users , a country needs to import engines and transmissions and other key equipment, did not expect the other side is not an "I'm sorry" refused to supply, is to ask the price increases, and the delivery delays. In recent years, similar to the story continued in Xuzhou all equipment enterprises today.

 Quality in Xugongkeji Minister Yang Li-fu, this kind of thing has grown accustomed to. "To XCMG Xuzhou, led by the rapid development of equipment manufacturing industry, the rising share of international markets, have significantly threatened the number of foreign engineering giant in the international engineering and manufacturing sector, the status, do everything possible to slow down the rise of Xuzhou become the inevitable competitors options. "Yang Li-fu said that the situation is more profound reason is that the equipment manufacturing industry in Xuzhou of a core technology" rattling in the goals. "

 Transmission equipment, engineering machinery, one of the core, accounting for a quarter machine manufacturing costs, and foreign have been developed to power, but China currently only produced manually. Did not win power transmission, engineering machinery will always be controlled by others. A year ago, in order to Xugong R & D team headed by a cost of more than 600 million, and Germany, Frank co-design research, after a year of hard work, they have successfully completed the overall design, and now production plants have been built, at the end will be able to prototyping.

 XCMG Rotary Drilling Rig was developed after two years of research into the market, technology, exclusively at home, close to the international advanced level. The product is available after the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, high-speed railway construction in breaking the monopoly of foreign countries. One of its core technology, the verticality of automatic control, the hole diameter of 3 meters, either frozen or rocks, dig 60 meters deep, the error does not exceed 1 mm. In the last year, Qingdao Bay Bridge construction, XCMG Rotary Drilling Machine is extremely successful, due to thick and hard rock, and Yao Da 80 meters deep and several domestic companies rotary drilling machines crushed, and some even drill pipe are drilled off. XCMG Rotary Drilling Machine was created three days to play two holes record.

 Xugong research and development "can" is not accidental. Starting in 2005, Xugong enormous amounts of money in the domestic machinery industry take the lead in establishing test and research center, three years, a larger R & D projects completed each year more than 100 items, now has 262 patents. With cranes, for example, is now Xugong already have from 25 tons to 500 tons of series of all-terrain crane, not only to replace the imports, but also the formation of bulk exports, last year's all-terrain crane XCMG scale of the industry to 10 billion U.S. dollars, completely breaking the monopoly of the series of foreign giant crane pattern.

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Xuzhou Construction Machinery - China Replacement Projector Bulb - Rear Projection Bulb

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